Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fashion !

I have to keep trying new styles with my tablet because on many different aspects I feel very limited. It is probably possible to feel much better by buying a A4 tablet but I don't want to put that much money in a new one (I would prefer to buy a new car).

So here is the result, I am pretty happy with it and I hope you like it too. Quick and fun to draw ! Gosh, I wish I was a fashion designer... but I am not ;)


Theresa said...

Grand Haricot Blanc,

vous êtes dolce et gabanna plus grands que!!!

bisou x 100

Astrid said...

Elle a la classe quand même! Héhé!
J'aime bien, j'aime bien!^^

marianne said...

fashion, fashion... c'est le gris qu'est à la mode cet hiver, pas le kaki... mais bon, tes dessins restent très chouettes. T toujours chez Marguerite ? si oui, passe lui le bonjour de ma part !

Yves FRINAULT said...

Toujours and more than ever by Marguerite ! I am getting used to it but I might move to San Francisco sooner ou plus tard !