Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Atreide Warrior !

For all those who have read Dune (F. Herbert) and have been fantasizing for years about that incredibly reach universe. This is an Atreide warrior that fled with the smugglers after the reconquest from the planet by the Harkonnens. He is not a Fremen yet, but you feel that he is getting closer to the Desert. In his eyes remains the calm and sad look of an old warrior.

That was a little lyric but Dune is and will remain for me the best SF book ever !

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Astrid said...


C'est tout c'que j'ai à dire!...^^

Enfin, j'ai toujours eu un p'tit faible pour les militaires! :P vache, on sent qu'il a vécu!

Il a trop la classe!

Sur ce, Sayonara!!