Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey guys,

That's it, I started working at Ubisoft. That should mean less drawing but that's not even sure because my brain is under an intense stimulation there. Keep sending me request for drawing, if I like it I will draw something related !

Here is a little thing I did for a friend at Google ;)


Bla bla bla said...

T'as des potes chez Google toi?? Dis moi, tu serais pas ultra dans le vent comme mec, toi? ;-)

Yves FRINAULT said...

Prout !

Marianne said...

C'est cool que tu te sois remis à ton blog ! et bravo pour le job !
Si tu pouvais faire un lapin, ça ferait grandement plaisir à mes chers petits colocs (genre "l'attaque du lapin géant")

Kordo said...

Hey Yvkov !

Just saying hi, your blog rocks, I just found about it (well, guess the google talk link helped a bit). Can you try to draw again the Shrike that you drew for me back in the days?


Yves FRINAULT said...

Haha, reminds ne that you promissed me a scan that actually never came ;)